Our Coffee


Espresso Bar believes in giving our customers value for money, when it comes to our coffee, with this in mind our coffee only comes in regular or large cups!

Rumour Espresso Bar also believes that our customers should have the right of choice when it comes to their coffee and with this in mind we offer full fat, low fat, semi skimmed, and soya milk.

All our coffee is blended from gold star award winning Espresso blends and roasted especially for us each week, see our menu below


Espresso with equal amounts of steamed and foamed milk.

Caffe Latte

Espresso and steamed milk capped with creamy foamed milk.

Caffe Mocha

Espresso, rich chocolate syrup, steamed milk and whipped cream.


Espresso topped with hot water.

Essence of Coffee

Shot of espresso extracted the Italian way.

Double Essence

Double shot of espresso

Espresso Ristretto

Extra strong espresso.

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso marked with whipped cream.

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso marked with foamed milk


Intense Espresso poured over homemade ice cream.

Coffee Blended Frappes


Mocha Icecap

Coffee and chocolate flavour blended with ice.

Espresso Icecap

Fresh espresso and homemade ice cream blended with ice.

Berries and Cream Icecap

Berries and homemade ice cream blended with ice.

Berry Icecap

Berries and a hint of green tea blended with ice.


Mango Icecap

Mango and a hint of green tea blended with ice.


Cream Blended Frappes


Mango Icecap

Banana blended with homemade ice cream, carmel topped with fresh cream.

Choc Icecap

Gourmet chocoloate and homemade ice cream blended with ice.

Non Coffee Options

Hot Chocolate

Steamed milk blended with real chocolate, marshmallows extra.

Hot Angel

White chocolate with steamed milk.



Steamed milk with a flavoured syrup.



Speciality Teas

Breakfast Tea

Herbal / Fruit Teas

Choose from selection


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